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Our Delicious Pizza Pies: An Homage to DC

Blog, Chef Zavala

Our Delicious Pizza Pies: An Homage to DC

Ever notice that practically everyone in DC is from somewhere else?

It’s this spirit of diversity that is the true spirit of America. No matter from whence we hail, we can come together around something we all have in common: a love of pizza. Declaration celebrates this every day with our 13 Colony Pizza Pies, each paying homage to one of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence. Directly across from the 9:30 Club in DC’s Shaw Neighborhood, we provide an affordable but upscale and delicious lunch and dinner option rich in locally-sourced goodness.

Pizza With a Side of American History

Declaration Chef Demetrio Zavala’s 13 “colony pies” are inspired by our nation’s original 13 colonies. Come on in and find your favorite!

The Lyman Hall, for Georgia’s governor, is topped with oven-roasted Amish chicken, celery, carrot, onions, and mushroom—similar ingredients to chicken and dumplings, a state staple.

Although originally from Princeton, NJ, Joseph Hewes signed the Declaration of Independence as a legislator from North Carolina (he moved to Edenton at the age of 30 and won over the people of the colony with his charm and honorable businesslike character). His namesake pizza has a vinegar barbecue theme.

Lewis Morris, a delegate to the Continental Congress from New York, has a pie at Declaration that nods to the New York bagel: chive crème fraîche, capers, cured salmon, shaved onion, arugula, and tomato confit.

Read more on our Dinner Menu (.pdf)

Extra Healthy, Modern Artisan Pizzas

Our super thin crust pizzas are extra crispy thanks to high-protein flour and our combination wood and gas Marra Forni pizza oven. We also have a gluten-free crust available, made with rice and tapioca flours.

The best part: all pizza prices correlate to the year each colony was established. So, for example, the Virginia pizza costs $16.07 because 1607 was the year America’s first colony was founded in Jamestown, VA. As Zavala says, “it’s hometown food for everybody.???

Read about all 13 colony pizzas – and find your favorite! – on our Dinner Menu (.pdf). Or, read the full Washington Post article here. Make your reservation today to try out Shaw’s all-new pizza place, celebrating deliciously curated food, a cozy atmosphere and American history.