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EATER Unveils Our Interior: “Inside Declaration.” Take a peek!

Blog, Press

EATER Unveils Our Interior: “Inside Declaration.” Take a peek!

After previewing our space, EATER DC proclaimed, “Thomas Jefferson would be proud.??? Thanks for the press! (Read their full article and see more beautiful Declaration photography here.)

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Image courtesy EATER DC

We are closing in on opening weekend at Declaration, so we wanted to give you a sneak peek of our interior! We very much look forward to opening our 1776 square foot, 52-seat restaurant in DC’s Shaw neighborhood this Saturday, February 6th.

Many thanks to locartists Matt McMullen and Howard Connelly, who have been working tirelessly on our interior design over the past year. It’s stunning, and there are many conversation pieces throughout the space to enhance your dining experience.

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Quotes and murals on the walls invoke the Jeffersonian era.


Our super-thin-crust pizzas are extra crispy thanks to the high-protein flour and combination wood / gas Marra Forni pizza oven situated right in the middle of our space. Chef Demetrio Zavala, who used to operate coal-fired pizza restaurants in Florida, has also developed an amazing gluten-free crust made with rice and tapioca flours.
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Our big bronze chandelier, the centerpiece of Declaration Restaurant, hung in the Maryland State House in Annapolis for more than 25 years. 12_24172807733_o

Come on down to DC’s Shaw this weekend to try our fresh curated pizzas, entrees, salads, desserts, cocktails, beer, wine and so much more! Check out our Menus page for details.